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October 23, 2005



October 23, 2005



Dear Legal Reform Advocates,


I would like to thank each of you for your committed efforts to tort reform—those of us in the policy arena can only be effective with the vitally important complementary work each of you offers at the state and federal level. I would like to draw your attention to the Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy’s latest report, Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care, which is a comprehensive analysis of how the lawsuit industry affects the health care sector—the first full analysis of how all aspects of American health care feel the impact of litigation.

Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care includes statistics, anecdotes, and analysis of litigation over pharmaceuticals, medical devices, vaccines, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and health maintenance organizations. It charts the trial bar’s hefty financial contributions to the political process, exposes the “consumer group” allies who back the litigation industry, and suggests avenues for reform.


Our hope is that Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care can serve as a handbook for reformers, and can arm your state legislators and local policymakers with solid evidence to combat the trial bar’s aggressive lobbying efforts.


Below are a few suggestions to help you leverage Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care to inform your state and local policymakers of the facts regarding tort reform:

  • Link the Trial Lawyers, Inc. website to your own site. The address is: This website includes downloadable and HTML versions of the Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care report, our previous 2003 Trial Lawyers, Inc. report, our 2005 California report, and links to other useful sites. (You may also wish to give the report special notice by posting a Jpeg of the report cover on your website with a link to the website—we are happy to send you the attachment.)

  • Ask for multiple report copies to distribute to your state advocates or supporters and to key legislators, policymakers, and media.

  • Include a mention or summary of the report in your newsletter.

  • Have a Q&A session with me that can be in your newsletter or posted on your website—we can help facilitate the interview.

  • Invite me or other Manhattan Institute-affiliated scholars to speak at local events or to appear on local television or radio programs.

  • Use the report and its information as the basis for your own op/ed columns in local newspapers, and/or ask me to contribute one.


These are just a few of the ways Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Health Care might be utilized in your efforts. Please let us know how we can help you to communicate tort reform to your respective state and local leaders.


Thank you,





Jim Copland

Director, Center for Legal Policy

The Manhattan Institute

52 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York, NY 10017


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