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The Rule of Lawyers:

What CEOs Need to Know About the Plaintiffs Bar

 A Special Audio Interview

with Walter K. Olson and Steven B. Hantler

Walter K. Olson's latest book, The Rule of Lawyers (St. Martin's, 2003) has been hailed everywhere from Barron's (a "marvelous combination of irony, insight and outrage") and Forbes ("truly gripping" and "brilliant") to The American Lawyer ("wry, amusing", "provocative and enjoyable").


In this 28-minute interview, Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst of the FOX News Channel, hosts a lively discussion with Walter and Steve Hantler, formerly with Chrysler LLC, about the book, its revelations about the tactics of the trial bar and how the business community can respond. 


Under insightful questioning from Napolitano, Olson and Hantler address such topics as why and how the trial bar uses its "playbook" to create pressure on corporations to drive down stock price and coerce exorbitant settlements, how the trial bar influences judicial appointments, and what companies are likely to be the next targets of the trial bar.


Hantler and Olson lay out why the business community has failed to gain comprehensive tort reform thus far.  They describe the integrated strategy it will take to achieve significant reform, particularly at the state level. 


Finally, they point out steps that CEOs need to take, both to improve their success in dealing with the trial bar and to ensure that the business community takes advantage of the current momentum favoring reform to achieve measurable results.




Walter Olson


Senior Fellow


Steve Hantler

CFA Chairman

Hon. Andrew


Senior Judicial Analyst

FOX News




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