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State Profiles



State Profiles


You can stay abreast of legal reform developments in key states by using the links below to go to each State Profile. 


After a new development has been presented on our home page for an appropriate period, we move the story to the respective State Profile. 


In addition, each State Profile section includes a summary chart reporting on the environment for legal reform, including an overview of the state leadership and upcoming elections for Supreme Court, Attorney General and Governor.  You'll find many useful links on the right hand menu column on each page.


Special Note:  Each state profile includes a State Tort Law Profile which reports on the current status of legislation and reforms related to a long list of legal reform topics, including Liability, Defenses, Damages, Procedures, Evidence and Problem Jurisdictions.  ATRA has commissioned Shook Hardy & Bacon to update this information every two weeks.  On each page, you'll see the current update date.


State Profiles


Georgia Oklahoma
Illinois South Carolina
Louisiana Virginia
Michigan Texas
Mississippi West Virginia
New Mexico  
Links to Very Useful Information Related to States

This page provides more than 25 links to website directories for state officials and the state and federal courts, as well as professional societies involved with public policy and governmental affairs.  The time you invest in reviewing these resources for when you need them will be well rewarded!   Click Here





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Ohio Manufacturers Association

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