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Gov. Perry Promotes Texas Legal Reform to Attract Business

Austin, TX  April 11, 2005 -- Gov. Rick Perry announced the launch of a television ad campaign, “Moving to Texas,” promoting Texas as the ideal location for growing and expanding businesses. In the ad, Gov. Perry gives reasons why Texas is a good state in which to do business and finishes by saying, "and we've passed sweeping lawsuit reform". 


“When we take progressive steps to secure new businesses for Texas, we also ensure new jobs for Texans,” Perry said. “These ads are letting employers all over the nation know that Texas is wide open for business and job creation.” 


The ads focus on Texas winning the coveted 2004 Governor’s Cup award for the largest number of job creation announcements in the country and its selection as the state with the best business climate in the nation. Both awards were given by Site Selection magazine, the premier business publication on job creation.  The two-week buy includes 95 spots per week on cable television in select markets and 15 spots per week on ABC in Washington, D.C. Total costs for the ad campaign are about $123,808, including production and air time.   Watch 30-second Ad




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