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Clifford W. Taylor, Chief Justice

Michigan Supreme Court



The Wall Street Journal has called the Michigan Supreme Court the “finest court in the land.” Chief Justice Taylor has served on the Michigan Supreme Court for ten years, and will stand for re-election to an eight-year term in November 2008.

Prior to being appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court by former Governor John Engler, Chief Justice Taylor served 5 years on the Michigan Court of Appeals. Chief Justice Taylor’s professional activities include service on the Board of Directors of the National Conference of Chief Justices, and on the Board of the George Mason University Law and Economics Center which provides judicial education across the country. He served in the past on the Michigan Legislature’s Commission on the Courts in the 21st Century, and on the Michigan State Board of Law Examiners. He is the co-author of a three-volume work, "Torts," which covers personal injury law in Michigan.


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