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Association of Commerce & Industry of New Mexico

 The Association of Commerce and Industry of New Mexico (ACI) is the statewide business advocate and aggressively lobbies the state’s legislative, executive, and judicial  branches of government year–round to enact laws and policies that improve the state’s business climate.


ACI is a leader, a facilitator, and a coalition–builder. It works closely with local chambers of commerce, business and trade associations, and community organizations to build winning coalitions and partnerships.  ACI provides access and involvement in the legislative process.  It encourages active participation in the development of its annual legislative agenda, through issues committees, Issues Roundtables, and legislative briefings held around the state.


ACI is pursuing New Mexico legal reforms that significantly reduce opportunities of abuse of the civil justice system. ACI supports measures that discourage the filing of frivolous lawsuits. Among the reforms that ACI is promoting are abolishment of the prima facie tort as a cause of action in New Mexico, limits on punitive damages, and jury reform. Also, in order to inform and educate the New Mexico business community on how businesses are faring in the New Mexico appellate courts, ACI has established a judicial review committee which reviews all reported decisions of the New Mexico appellate courts, categorizes the results of selected cases as favorable or unfavorable to business and scores the appellate judges based on their decisions in the selected cases. The report is published annually and posted on ACI's web site.


If you know of or have authored an article or report that deserves recognition among corporate and public policy leaders, please send an email to


John A. Carey


Association of Commerce & Industry of New Mexico (ACI)

P.O. Box 9706

Albuquerque, NM  87119



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