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Associated Industries of Florida


Associated Industries of Florida is a voluntary association of diversified businesses, created for the purpose of pursuing mutual benefit through cooperation in programs designed to create and foster an economic climate in Florida conducive to the growth, development, and welfare of industry and business and the people of the state.

Since 1920, Associated Industries of Florida has stood firm on the side of prosperity and free enterprise. With headquarters standing on the road that connects the state Capitol building to the governor's mansion, AIF represents the link between responsible public policy and a thriving marketplace.

Member companies hail from every corner of the state and represent every segment of Florida's private sector. Despite their diversity, they join together through AIF to make sure the principles of economic liberty get a fair hearing before the state's elected officials, Supreme Court justices, and bureaucrats.

The association's activities are supervised by a board of directors, chosen from an elite group of Florida CEOs from member companies. They donate their experience in running successful corporations to AIF; their backing and guidance give the association its ability to effect positive public policies in Tallahassee.

Florida's employers are the very base of our economy. AIF works to keep that foundation strong by confronting challenges from many angles, combining the knowledge and experience of the staff with the application of the newest tools technology has to offer.

Jan 2005 Survey in Florida Shows Public Support For Tort Reform

The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) and the Florida Coalition for Legal Reform sponsored a public opinion study of 500 likely general election voters.  The results of the Florida Statewide Tort Reform Study clearly show that Floridians favor “legal and tort reform,” that they feel there are too many lawsuits being filed, and most significantly that they feel that the number of lawsuits being filed are indeed hurtful to Florida’s economy.


The poll questions were developed carefully to insure that there would be no “push” questions or even inferences that might taint the final results.  AIF’s desire was to have polling numbers that can withstand any scrutiny.   Download Survey Results Report



If you know of or have authored an article or report that deserves recognition among corporate and public policy leaders, please send an email to



Associated Industries of Florida

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