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Gov. Signs HB 1625 Lawsuit Immunity for Honest Job References


OLYMPIA, WA April 21, 2005—The Association of Washington Business commends Governor Christine Gregoire for signing House Bill 1625 on April 21, 2005. This bill protects employers who give job references on current or former employees. (as printed from           See Press Release


With a diverse membership consisting of businesses large and small, urban and rural, and from all parts of the state, the Association of Washington Business lobbies in Olympia for public policy that encourages economic growth, boosts productivity and creates jobs.


Lawsuit Against Caterpillar is Off the Mark  


March 25, 2005


Don Brunell, President of the Association of Washington Business writes about the recent filing of a lawsuit against Caterpillar, when one of its machines was used by an Israeli soldier in the death of 23 year old American Rachel Corrie.










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