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New Op-Ed!

March 20, 2008

No Class

John Sullivan, CJAC
As it appeared in The Daily Journal

Civil Justice Association of California releases first quarter 2008 edition of

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New Article!

Punitive Damages:

 California Project to Stop Super Shakedowns


April 2006

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New Article!


Unfair Competition Lawsuits Against Doctors: Latent but Looming

by John Sullivan

as printed in Physician Insurer Magazine


February 15, 2006 - President of CJAC, John Sullivan writes in this new piece, "Excessive litigation and biological disease have alot in common. Each has an ability to mutate to cope with stronger defenses or benefit from new opportunities. This phenomenon is demonstrated in the evolution of business competition litigation into a form of liability law."

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Corporate Counsel Prove Essential to Legal Reform

by John Sullivan

as printed in Inside Litigation

July 20, 2005 - President of CJAC, John Sullivan writes in this new piece, "By being proactive and involved, corporate counsel can have a big impact on the civil justice system. Just look at what in-house lawyers achieved in California."

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The Civil Justice Association is a non-profit, membership supported coalition of citizens, taxpayers, businesses, local governments, professionals, manufacturers, financial institutions, insurers and medical organizations.

 Founded in 1979, CJAC is the only statewide association dedicated soley to improving California’s civil liability system. It is active in both the Legislature and the courts, working to reduce the excessive and unwarranted litigation that increases business and government expenses, discourages innovation, and drives up the costs of goods and services for all consumers.

Download the 4th Quarter 2004 Edition of Balance (above)

Download the 3rd Quarter 2005 Edition of Balance (pdf)



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