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The Florida Chamber of Commerce is Florida’s largest federation of businesses, chambers of commerce and business associations. The Federation's more than 137,000 member businesses represent more than three million employees in every legislative district in Florida. Our membership reflects the diversity of our state as a whole – from the size to the sector of business. More than 80 percent of our members are small businesses, reflecting Florida’s strength and spirit.

Our mission – to help Florida’s businesses prosper and build commitment to the community of Florida – reflects our 86-year history as Florida’s first business advocate. Our vision – to make Florida the best place to live, work and do business – drives our continued commitment to find solutions to problems that affect businesses every day and which will improve our state overall.

Since its founding in 1916, the Florida Chamber has played a key role in the state's growth and development through advocacy, research and reform strategies. Through the collective action of its members, the Chamber takes leadership positions on complex issues, problems and opportunities facing Florida. The Chamber speaks for Florida business--large and small--on issues such as civil justice reform, education and workforce development, growth management, natural resources, economic development and infrastructure funding, taxation, workers' compensation, drug abuse and other human resource issues.

The Chamber maintains its presence in the state Legislature and in Congress with a professional team of experienced governmental affairs specialists who represent the wide-ranging interests of Florida business. Through the Florida Business Agenda, the Florida Chamber annually identifies the issues of greatest concern to business, builds a quality grassroots strategy and advocates for positive change. The Florida Business Agenda is an annual cycle of research, advocacy, accountability and communication with our members to ensure that their concerns are heard.

The Chamber works to shape a better future for Florida through public policy research. The Chamber Foundation’s Cornerstone series of research studies have influenced public policy and resulted in real change: Enterprise Florida, a public-private approach to economic development; and the latest study, Transportation Cornerstone.

The Chamber has also developed programs to help businesses cope with government regulation. The Chamber monitors government regulation (legislation, rules and application of both) and works to recognize and remedy abuses of the system. Members can take advantage of the Chamber's toll free Help Lines to answer tough questions on employment law compliance.

The Chamber works to create statewide community by identifying and training leaders in public service, business, social services, government and other areas through the Leadership Florida program. Boasting more than 800 alumni throughout the state, Leadership Florida is nationally recognized as one of the top training programs. Its successful training format has been applied to identify and shape college students through College Leadership Florida, and local government officials, through Local Government Leadership. The Leadership Florida Institute provides programs for a wider range of leaders, such as legislators, elected officials and potential leaders.

The Florida Chamber offers cutting-edge publications, seminars, and conferences that help business owners and managers make better business decisions. Annually, its Directory of Florida Industries tops the annual best-seller list. Chamber guides provide insight into federal and state employment law and other issues that can make or break a business.



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Mark Wilson

President and CEO

Florida Chamber of Commerce

136 S. Bronough Street

Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 521-1209



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