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Wacky Warning label contest and book reach millions

Remove Child Before Folding Now a Bestseller

On the tenth anniversary of M-LAW’s Wacky Warning Label Contest, the world’s third largest publisher released a book based on M-LAW’s contest entitled, Remove Child Before Folding, the 101 Stupidest, Silliest, and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. Two days after its release by Warner Books, a division of Hachette Book Group, the book rocketed to number 10 on’s list of bestselling humor books. Both the book and M-LAW’s contest have been featured on national television and radio, and M-LAW’s website, a wealth of information about the need for legal reform, was visited by more than 100,000 people in a recent two-day span.

Remove Child Before Folding is available at all major bookstores and online by clicking here. This book will leave readers wondering whether to laugh or cry about the state of America’s legal system. All royalties from the book will go to support efforts to restore fairness and reliability in the courts.

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M-LAW President Interviewed on CFA's Partner Spotlight

CFA's Victims Project

Bob Dorigo-Jones

Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch

Bob talks with Partner Spotlight about one of CFA's newest initiatives to bring to light the stories of legitimate victims of lawsuit abuse. Bob, President of Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, and lead coordinator of the Victim's Project, takes us step by step through the collection process and shares some of the stories that have been uncovered thus far.

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M-LAW President Appears on MSNBC with Tucker Carlson

Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch President Bob Dorigo-Jones appeared on MSNBC's "The Situation with Tucker Carlson" Tuesday, January 10, 2006  to talk about this year's Wacky Warning Label Contest.

Tucker Carlson


The Wacky Warning Label Contest, now in it’s ninth year, is conducted by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, M-LAW, to reveal how lawsuits, and concern about lawsuits, have created a need for common sense warnings on products.



The winning labels were selected from a list of M-LAW’s finalists by listeners of the Dick Purtan show on Detroit radio station, WOMC-FM. The label on the heat gun was found by Tom Brunelle of Holland, Michigan.  He receives $500 and a copy of the national bestselling book, “The Death of Common Sense,” by Philip K. Howard.


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Formed as a non-partisan, grassroots organization, Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch (M-LAW) serves as a public watchdog over our court system.
M-LAW's goal is to eliminate the many negative effects that lawsuit abuse has on families, job providers and communities. Excessive litigation has robbed consumers of needed products and services and has added a hidden "lawsuit tax" onto countless other products and services


M-LAW was created by concerned citizens who believe it's time to stop the lawsuit "lottery" and restore common sense to our courts. M-LAW's supporters include consumers, job providers, professionals, community leaders and taxpayers.

M-LAW's supporters strongly believe all victims have a right to due process of law and just compensation. However, we believe junk lawsuits are corrupting our civil justice system and have made a mockery of the principle of personal responsibility in some of our courts. If you agree, we urge you to become an M-LAW supporter. With your help, we will prove that the principles of personal responsibility and fairness still have a place in all of our courts.

M-LAW's broad base of support has been critical to our success. We welcome the support of all who visit this website but wish to draw your attention to two restrictions we have voluntarily placed on our funding. M-LAW accepts no funding from tobacco companies or tobacco-related interests, and the amount of money M-LAW can accept from insurance companies and related interests has been limited to less than 10% of our budget. M-LAW receives no funding from the government. M-LAW's finances are audited annually and our compliance with these restrictions has been verified by Michigan's largest accounting firm.

Below you will find a graph (in PDF format) which reveals there has been a significant decline in tort lawsuits in Michigan since legal reform was signed into law by former Michigan Governor John Engler.

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