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Food Related Lawsuit an Abuse of Legal System

Washington, D.C., January 19, 2006 So-called consumer and science groups are attempting to make an end run around legislators and regulators by suing Kellogg Company and Viacom (parent company of Nickelodeon) as a means to halt advertising efforts aimed at children, according to the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA).


“Regulation of industries is the responsibility of legislators and regulators and this lawsuit is an abuse of the legal system,” said ATRA President Sherman Joyce. “We call this regulation through litigation, and most judges will not allow their courts to usurp the role of legislators and regulators and be used as a means to achieve public policy and regulatory objectives.”

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New ATRA Report Chronicles Trend in States

for Comprehensive Civil Justice Reforms

Washington, DC, July 21, 2005   A new 58-page report has been published by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA).  Tort Reform Record details the trend toward state enactment of meaningful, comprehensive civil justice reform legislation. During the past two years, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and South Carolina have continued the momentum that began in 2003 with significant civil justice reform successes in Texas.  Read Full Story    View Tort Reform Record (PDF)


Special Alert:

Civil Justice Reform Event

Held April 27, 2005

hosted by ATRA and FJRI


Pam Philp,

Executive Director, FJRI


Tiger Joyce,

President, ATRA

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American Tort Reform Association




ATRA Annual Meeting Brings Together

Key Legal Reform Leaders

April 5, 2005


The American Tort Reform Association convened for its annual membership meeting on April 5th in Washington to review the organization’s annual report, elect a new Board of Directors, and discuss plans for 2005.


In the legislative meeting that followed, several major figures in the campaign for legal reform joined ATRA members to discuss the importance of the work being done by the organization.  Keynote speaker Harriet Miers, Counsel to the President, was joined by ATRA President Tiger Joyce, Center for America Chairman Steve Hantler (Chrysler LLC), National Association of Manufacturers President and former Michigan Governor John Engler; Cam Crawford, Executive Director, South Carolinians for Tort Reform; and ATRA’s General Counsel, Victor Schwartz, who is a partner of Shook Hardy & Bacon.  Full Story



Bringing Justice to Judicial Hellholes 2004 - 12/15/04


The American Tort Reform Association released its new and updated third edition of the "Judicial Hellholes" report, identifying nine Hellhole jurisdictions and four dishonorable mentions. Through extensive research and follow-up, ATRA members have identified these 13 jurisdictions across the country as locations where the trial bar has succeeded in creating a favorable atmosphere for positive outcomes for their clients.   News Release on ATRA Website


Worst States for Liability Systems Are Home to Judicial Hellholes - Press Release 3/8/05


State-by-State Review of Civil Justice Reforms


State Laws on Medical Liability - 10/14/04


State Joint and Several Liability Rule Reforms - 10/14/04


2004 State Tort Reform Enactments - 10/14/04


Comprehensive Guide to State Civil Justice Reforms - 10/14/04


2004 Tort Reform Record - 7/13/04










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In The News:

May 9, 2005


 Lawsuit Abuse Reform Coalition has been formed to help support the federal Lawsuit Abuse

Reduction Act of 2005 (LARA), H.R. 420.

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An Opportunity in Oklahoma  

by ATRA President Tiger Joyce

March 27, 2005


as published in The Oklahoman