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Manhattan Institute Set to Release Newest Report: Trial Lawyers, Inc.: Healthcare

Trial Lawyers, Inc. Healthcare is now available

The Manhattan Institute's Center for Legal Policy has released it's newest Trial Lawyers Inc.  report. The report, Trial Lawyers Inc.: Healthcare, is the third in a series of studies which look closely at the effects of the multi-billion-dollar litigation industry run by America's Trial Lawyers.

The studies, done by the Center for Legal Policy, have previously looked at the nationwide effect of the boom in frivolous lawsuits, as well as the statewide effect of the industry in California.  This report looks closely at the effect of the lawsuit industry on America's Healthcare system.  Jim Copland, Director of the Center for Legal Policy, commented on the importance of this particular report saying, "TLI Healthcare can arm your state legislators and local policymakers with solid evidence to combat the trial bar’s aggressive lobbying efforts."

Listen to an exclusive CFA audio interview with CLP Director Jim Copland about  theTrial Lawyers Inc.: Healthcare report.

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Manhattan Institute's Center for Legal Policy and Pacific Research Institute Join Forces To Launch "Trial Lawyers, Inc.: California"

San Francisco, CA April 14, 2005California’s lawsuit industry is the second most expensive legal system in the world according to a report issued today by Manhattan Institute’s Center for Legal Policy.  The report, Trial Lawyers Inc.: California, examines the impact the state’s lawsuit industry has had on businesses, jobs, and affordable home prices.  


According to Trial Lawyers Inc.: California, the state’s legal system is massive, with nearly 8 million legal filings each year, and tort jury verdicts climbing to an astonishing average of $1.3 million as of 2001.


The Center for Legal Policy and Pacific Research Institute hosted a panel discussion to launch Trial Lawyers Inc.: California. The three person panel, moderated by Catherine Crier, Host, CourtTV and Author, The Case Against Lawyers, included Jim Copland, Director, Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute; Steve Hantler, Chairman, Center for America and Senior Fellow, Pacific Research Institute; and John H. Sullivan, President, Civil Justice Association of California.                              


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 Legal Reform Featured on NPR's "Justice Talking"

Link to Full Story and Listen to On-Air Interview


James Copland, Director of the Center for Legal Policy of the Manhattan Institute, joined Arthur Bryant of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice and NPR's Margot Adler on award winning "Justice Talking" to debate the topic of litigation abuses, and limiting lawsuits.  With questions from a live studio audience, as well a lively debate format, Copland, Bryant and Adler discuss the future of the tort system in America. 



Alexander Hamilton Award Dinner

The Manhattan Institute


May 5

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Manhattan Institute Issues Report on Class Action Fairness Act

Manhattan Institute:  A new study by conducted by George Priest, the John M. Olin Professor of Law and Economics at Yale Law School and sponsored by the Manhattan Institute, concludes that the Class Action Fairness Act "would constitute a helpful, but largely a modest reform." The study, What We Know and What We Don’t Know about Modern Class Actions: A Review of the Eisenberg-Miller Study , concludes that the case for class action reform is strong. Professor Priest thinks, however, that even though the Class Action Fairness Act "will help" by "moving class actions involving significant different-state parties from state to federal courts," that ultimately "it is not likely to solve the problems created by modern class action litigation," which are so entrenched that they require a broader, more systemic reform.  Download PDF website for more on this study  See Also: Jim Copland's Commentary in The Washington Times

Trial Lawyers, Inc.   This report sheds light on the size, scope, and inner workings of an industry poorly understood by the media and the general public. The lawsuit industry today is truly a behemoth, but—unlike the major corporations in our regular market economy—it remains financially opaque. Trial Lawyers, Inc., while not an annual report per se, presents a snapshot of the lawsuit industry as it exists today.  Download PDF  View PowerPoint   Join the TLI Mailing List

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Toward Greater Judicial Leadership in Asbestos Litigation, by Steven B. Hantler, Chrysler LLC

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Civil Justice Report 7:
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Global Liability Issues 2:
How should the Law of Products Liability be Harmonized? What Americans Can Learn from Europeans

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Daily Updates on Key Developments is an exceptionally good web magazine sponsored by the Manhattan Institute that brings together information and opinion on the U.S. litigation system.  Jim Copland, (left) the director of the Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute, serves as Managing Editor, and Walter K. Olson, author of several excellent books on litigation and lawsuit abuse, is the Editor.



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Sept. 23, 2005

Center for Legal Policy at The Manhattan Institute seeks

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